Grafham Water Opening Day

Well myself and my fishing buddy Mark met up at Grafham Water this morning for the start of the 2017 season. Full of expectations and wondering where everyone else was, did we have the right day? Maybe a sign of the times with the water only being closed for around six weeks.

Off to the lodge and after the customary breakfast in the cafe it was down stairs to purchase our tickets. Weather wise it was looking grim, borne out by a number of the 15 opening day boats being cancelled. By the time we had our tickets in our hands the heavens had opened with a steady downpour of rain.

Grafham Water looking moody on opening day.
So off we went heading in the direction of G buoy only to find that G buoy is not where it should have been but pushed down in storm Doris towards Marlow Point. 

I set up on DI7 and a black snake and Mark on slow intermediate and blobs. Within short time my rod arched over into the first rainbow of the day and season which swiftly found its self in the net and quickly released for another day. As soon as he went back Mark was into his first fish of the day, this time on the new FNF Jelly Pellet fly, a sign of things to come? 

Mark with his first trout of the 2017 Grafham season.
Ok, we have fish, so time for a move. Moving further up the North Shore in search of over wintered fish we came across pockets of trout wanting to play but nothing more than 3lb. A few pulls at Hedge End but no lock ups then as we turned the corner we were both into fish again, again snakes and blobs.

By now it’s early afternoon so it’s a move once again to the sailing club and lodge frontage. Here we were straight into fish of a general better quality than we had found so far. After an hour we both agreed that it was getting cold, the waterproofs were starting to leak and had both had a good run out for the start of the season. At least it had temporarily stopped raining.

Next week it’s opening day at Rutland Water.

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