Rutland Water Opening Day

The closed season seems to be getting shorter and shorter with Rutland closing on January 31st and re opening again yesterday. No complaints though. 

What a difference a week makes, forecast for a dry start as opposed to the torrential rain we had last week at Grafham prospects were looking good. The Rutland boats are all kitted out now with landing nets and drogues which helps transferring everything from car to boat. So having the sorted the fishing tickets out and chatted to the other regulars off we went, first port of call call Yellowstone.

Rutland is looking like its full to capacity as we left the fishing lodge.

We were the only boat in sight as others opted for Sykes Lane and Church Bay. My buddy Mark set up on a slow sink sink I opted for the DI7 of last week at Grafham. After a quiet start, we soon got into the trout as we approached the shore line. A re run of Grafham really, stock fish tight in to the bank.

Not wanting to spend all day in one place we opted to move along the peninsular and before too long we were drifting along the front of Barnhill Creek which is out of bounds to bank anglers until 1st April. Here we got into some better fish again very close to the bank.

Myself with a Barnhill Creek trout.

Then it was off to the steep bank and once again the fish were close in, by now Mark had changed to a Di3 and a jelly pellet fry and myself on a FNF jelly tequila. Once again we were in the stock trout but last years slabs were proving a bit elusive.

FNF Jelly Tequila.

Back of the net! 

With the prospect of rain looming it was off to the picnic area in front of whitwell and it was business as usual. This time the trout seemed to be a bit further out and the sinking lines getting the fly in the right zone very quickly it was busy sport.

Mark not quite finding the ‘slabs’ we were looking for.

So with dark clouds gathering and rain looking imminent we both agreed we had, had a great days sport so maybe it was time to scoot back to the fishing lodge and call it a day. So this is the 2017 fishing season well and truly open until January 2018. 

With warm weather forecast next week the trout should be feeding on the buzzers in next to no time.

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