Team England Weekender

Last weekend saw me spending two days with Team England Fly Fishing. Saturday was to be spent with the team at Grafham before we moved to Draycote for the Sunday fundraiser with the England Youth Team.

Saturday was a get together for the Spring International team, after a meet and greet and sorting admin issues it was out on the water for a few hours. A strong North Easterley wind saw all the boats heading for the North Shore as the fish were reported to be tight into the bank. So off we went towards Hedge End armed with a DI7 and pulling gear. It was not too long before we were into the fish. I was giving the Fly Box Neon fritz a run out for the first time. I have to say it’s certainly the brightest fritz I have ever used. A self tied tequila combination did the damage.

Neon Fritz

After a couple of hours we switched over to a nymphing set up, myself with a four foot fast tip and a team of buzzers. This proved to be an instant success taking fish down at the willows before we ended the day at deep water point which was holding a good head of fish. 

Before we knew it the day was gone and it was time to head back to the lodge. After talk of the ‘one that got away’ it was time to drive over to the hotel at Draycote.

Day two

Today was all about raising some funds for our team and the England Youth team. The plan for the day was for the seniors to fish with the youth. I was fortunate enough to be drawn with Ben Fox, an outstanding young talent for the future. No doubt I would have to keep my wits about me today.

We headed off to the dam walls where Ben had fished the previous day armed once again with a DI7 with a black booby and my neon fritz blob which had caught the previous day.

Not before too long the rods were arching over into fish of an outstanding quality. Again it was a windy day so it was quite tricky trying to keep the boat drifting parallel to the dam wall whilst juggling takes.

Seniors and Juniors – Team England FF

After a couple of hours we headed for the calmer water of Biggin Bay. So once again it was time to change rigs with myself opting to nymph on the bung whilst Ben straight lined. Once again we were straight into hard fishing fish and a bit more pleasurable conditions. 

Before we knew it it was time to head back to the lodge as all of us had long journeys ahead of us.

What a great weekend, lots of banter, fly patterns swapped and funds raised for the teams. Roll on the International in seven weeks time at Chew Valley.

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