A Few Hours on Rutland Water

Today I grabbed a couple of hours on the Bank Holiday to out on Rutland Water. The place is on fire at the moment with the trout feeding hard on buzzers. So with all the boats booked it was time to avoid everyone else and the stockies and try and target the better fish.

Bottom of the South Arm here we come.

The wind was being a right pain with blowing about 10mph but gusting up to 20mph so a better of shelter was needed so the line could be controlled. Not much available but it wasn’t too long before I was into some action.

Rainbow about 4.8lb 

Not the greatest of pictures but unhooked in the net with little handling for it to be returned for another day.

Then hit a bit of a purple patch taking quite a few fish in short succession all on the buzzers.

Brownie this time about 4lb.

Then with an hour to go it was time to find a few stockies around ‘yellowstone’ to try out my some new flies that I have tied up.

This is the ‘new’ 2017 jelly Fritz supplied by Frozen North Fishing. As you can see the material helps you make a great looking fly and the trout are rather partial to them too! I have a few spares on EBay under ‘dashlejog924’ for sale.

Next week it’s Eyebrook and then back to Rutland.

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