Windy Day on Rutland

Yesterday saw me

out on Rutland again with Tony. The weather forecast was grim to say the least, a 20 mph westerly wind all day which meant there was no place hide. On the plus side, no rain.

We headed off to P buoy which had been fishing well, short drifts produced a couple of pulls but nothing else.

Then we scooted around the peninsula to carrot creek. Thank you, a nice brownie in the net we we’re off the mark. The wind was still playing havoc with the drifts. So we bit the bullet and headed off down to the bottom of the South Arm for what little shelter out of the wind there was. We were rewarded with another nice brownie and a few other half hearted pulls.

So for the afternoon session we opted for drifts along the Normanton Bank. Then Tony gets his lunch out!

Tony with his banana!

No wonder it was a slow start, the curse of the banana strikes!

Once that was out of the way the sport heated up as Tony proved you can have a banana and catch trout too.

There you go!

Anything you can do I can do too.

Ok, so it’s not the biggest trout in Rutland but it was one of many that gave some great top of the water sport on a blustery day. They all went back to grow bigger for our next visit.

Tight lines


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