Still Cold at Rutland

Well it’s still cold when it comes to fishing at Rutland Water. Last week saw me out with other local anger Sean Hanlon, let’s see how we got on.

First job of the day was to check the water temperature compared to the previous week.

It’s improving so let’s say that, up from opening day’s three degrees but still far colder than opening day last season. This will only mean one thing, with little fly life hatching off those trout will be hugging the bottom and be lethargic.

With a strong southerly wind all forecast all day the best plan of action was to head towards Dickinson’s Bay and work our way back to Whitwell by the end of the day.

I set up with a DI5 and 2 blobs ten foot apart with Sean setting up on a DI7 and two boobies. This way we could cover the depth from top to bottom.

We found Dickinson’s Bay starting to colour up but we soon put that to one side as we were into our first fish of the day, Dickerson seemed to be alive with fish. So rather begrudgingly we left it behind and started to make our way up the back to the main basin. We weren’t disappointed, by just doing short 40m drifts all day I don’t think a single drift went by when we weren’t into fish.

Sean with a fine rainbow near to whitwell

Not to be outdone we matched each other fish for fish

Best flies on the day we’re tequila variations as shown below. It seemed that getting the right depth with a sinking line and a slow retrieve was crucial more than the actual fly pattern.

Hopefully as the air temperature continues to improve so will the water temperature and with that the buzzer fishing.

Later this week it’s two days at Grafham armed with a floating line only!

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