Buzzer Action at Rutland Water

It’s been a busy few weeks at Rutland Water.

Finally being able to slow down the fly tying and now being able to put them to good use out on the water!

First up was a practice session for the Anglers World heat at Rutland Water. Fine weather with over cast conditions would mean that the fish would be ‘up’ in the water. So my first line of attack was a washing line set up, small FNF booby on the point with buzzers on a midge tip line. It wasn’t long before I was rewarded with this beauty.

FNF booby does the business.

My boat partner for the day Keith opted for the indicator method with buzzers and it wasn’t long before he was into the fish too.

Keith on the buzzers.

Next day was competition day, totally different day weather wise. Flat calm, bright sun would only mean one thing, those trout would be sliding off to the deep to feed. So it was a Di3 line, four buzzers and a very very slow retrieve. It worked!

Looks like I can do it 😉

Fellow competitor Jon Wood had an amazing day taking this fish of lifetime during the competition. It was safely returned to grow even bigger!

Well done Jon.

Speaking of big fish, my fellow team mate Al, took this cracker of a brown trout whilst fishing down the south arm of Rutland, again on the buzzers and a midge tip line.

11lb 8oz,,,, thank you very much.

Saturday saw my friend, and new comer to trout fishing Steve pay a visit to Rutland Water. So no pressure Dave to get your mate onto the fish. Happily the fish obliged until torrential rain spoilt the day.

Well done Steve.

Ok so now it’s my turn to show him how it’s done!

There you go Steve.

Here is an example of the flies we have been using over the past couple of weeks on a variety methods, straight lining, indicator and washing line.

Come with a guarantee to catch fish!

Water clarity is now excellent at Rutland so things are going to get tricky to keep the catch rate up. The water temperature is still behind normal so there is little surface activity to speak of, hopefully that will change soon and roll on the dry fly.

Tight lines everyone


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