Anglers World Final

Saturday the first of September saw myself taking part in this years Anglers World Final at Chew Valley Lake, Somerset.

Having qualified for the final earlier this year by winning the ‘Rutland Water’ heat.

I arrived on the Thursday afternoon and met up with my fishing buddy Nick Dunn to take in a half day exploring on the lake, it wasn’t long before we were into the fish.

Nick hooking into a fish but will he land land it?

Of course he did.

After another day’s practice on the Thursday with another fishing buddy, Tony ‘banana’ Smith I reckon I was pretty set for the final, we had narrowed down that the fish were high in the water and would take nymphs with a small orange fab on the point.

Match day arrived and Chew was looking moody to say the least!

All the competitors arrive at the lodge and listen intently to the brief before the 10am start.

Then it’s off to the boats and last minute preparations.

And it’s an off, around eighty percent of the anglers head for the ‘walley bank’ where the majority of the the practice days catches were made.

It was crowded to say the least, it wasn’t pretty, you just had to get stuck in, thankfully good humour abounded and a lot of leeway was given to other competitors in the crowded conditions.

For me practice really did pay off, I found that a slow intermediate was the best was forward, my particular favourite, the Cortland Blue, was the line of choice. A long 20′ leader with just three home tied flies well spaced out, along with a figure eight retrieve mixed up with some short pulls was the best way to induce takes.

A sample of my match day flies

Match end at 6pm saw everyone heading back to the lodge, I managed to record eight trout. It seemed pretty fair but you do think about the ones that ‘got away’.

The results are in.

Fourteenth place for me, a fair result, a bit of luck, a couple of more fish and who knows.

A great competition and the early heats are a great introduction to competition fishing so why not give it a go.

Tight lines


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